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Kaushik Senthoor


Wehner group

Kaushik Senthoor joined as a postdoctoral researcher with the Wehner group at QuTech in November 2023. He did his PhD at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras working on how to reduce the communication cost during secret recovery in quantum secret sharing schemes. During his Masters in Telecommunication Engineering at IISc Bangalore, he did his research on the regenerating codes for distributed storage. His current research work is on the topic of quantum network applications. In general, his research is about how to use information theory and error correction codes in studying and building classical and quantum information systems. In the past, he also worked on topics such as image processing and compressed sensing.

Apart from pen-and-paper mathematics, he is excited about interconnections across human languages, world history and food items of deep taste. While in the Netherlands, he will appreciate any good recommendations for books on European history.