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Cansın received her Master’s Degree in Mining Engineering at Hacettepe University of Turkey, she then moved to the Netherlands to obtain her PhD in Civil Engineering & Geosciences at the Delft University of Technology. Her research focused on real-time resource model updating utilizing online sensor data and with this research she contributed to optimization and improvements on bulk mining operations and its value chain.

She joined a cable solutions provider company in 2018 as a senior design engineer. In addition to providing technical leadership throughout the orders, she managed projects on behalf of the team, where she handled and met customer needs & expectations besides managing the communication with key stakeholders.

In September 2022, Cansın joined QuTech as a Project Manager in the Quantum Internet Division. She is currently managing an industry-academy partnered project that aims to deliver a blueprint of a scalable quantum computer based on qubits in diamond.

In her spare time, Cansın loves acrylic painting, reading on psychology and socializing with her friends. She is passionate about travelling to new destinations and exploring the local tastes.