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Arjan Mejas


E-mail address: a.mejas@[tudelft.nl]

Arjan Mejas obtained his BSc and MSc in Engineering Physics from the Technical University Vienna. During the course of his master's studies, he investigated quantum phenomena (charge density waves) in quasi-2D materials with femtosecond pump-probe optical spectroscopy. Meanwhile, he also developed a great interest in nanofabrication, especially for the photonic nanostructures and their applications in future quantum technologies. Therefore, he decided to pursue a PhD at QuTech, which he joined in August 2023. He will work on photonic waveguides and MEMS optical switches under the supervision of Ryoichi Ishihara and Carlos Errando-Herranz.

When he is not immersed in his academic pursuits, you'll likely find him enjoying good coffee and captivating movies.