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Anne-Marije Zwerver


Room: E334


Anne-Marije (Netherlands, 1989) went to high school in Amsterdam. Already there, she was fascinated by the counterintuitive nature of quantum mechanics. She studied both 'Physics' and 'System Engineering & Management' at the Delft University of Technology, with a physics Master thesis focused on the Quantum Internet. Currently, she is doing a PhD at QuTech. In the group of Lieven Vandersypen she studies electron spins in GaAs and in Si heterostructures in order to dive deeper into the quantum world and stretch up the boundaries of what we know nowadays.

Anne-Marije likes to share her fascination of quantum mechanics. To that end, she developed and taught a course on Quantum Computing for high school students and is currently developing material for the Dutch ‘NLT’ program for high schools. She is also one of the editors of the QuTech blog 'Bits of quantum'. Moreover, Anne-Marije was an invited speaker, or panelist on Quantum Computing and the Quantum Internet on many events. Varying from a company day to Brainwash Festival Amsterdam to a podcast on technology. She is looking forward to have conversations about quantum and quantum computers on many more events.

Ever since she met Schrodinger’s cat, Anne-Marije has been fascinated by quantum mechanical phenomena. This brought her to QuTech where she is now playing around with qubits formed in semiconductor quantum dots. When not in the lab, she loves speed skating, running and wind surfing.