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Quantum Teleportation across a Network - 2022

We have used teleportation to send quantum information across our rudimentary quantum network. Our quantum network is composed of three nodes, connected in a line. Teleportation was used to send the quantum information over a quantum link between the outer nodes. To establish this quantum link, the middle node was required to link the outer two. This first of its kind is an important step towards a future quantum Internet. The results were published on May 25 in Nature.


Artist’s impression of the quantum teleportation protocol in a network setting. Quantum information is being teleported between two non-neighbouring nodes in the network. Credit: Scixel for QuTech.

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Press Release and News items

Scientific article

Qubit teleportation between non-neighboring nodes in a quantum network
S.L.N.Hermans*, M.Pompili*, H.K.C.Beukers, S.Baier, J.Borregaard, R.Hanson
Nature, 605, 663–668 (2022), published online May 25 2022.
DOI: 10.1038/s41586-022-04697-y
link to online article


Alice, one of the three nodes of our quantum network. Inside the black aluminium cylinder, the diamond sample is cooled to -270 °C, to reduce the noise from the environment and enable the quantum control. Credit: Marieke de Lorijn for QuTech.


One of the diamond samples. Gold structures on the diamond surface allow of control of the quantum processor. Photograph is taken using an optical microscope. Credit: Matteo Pompili for QuTech.


Researchers work on one of the quantum network nodes, where mirrors and filters guide the laser beams to the diamond chip. Credit: Marieke de Lorijn for QuTech.

Video - From Alice to Charlie – the next step for the quantum internet

Credit: EVA Explainer Video Agency.