Post-doc Condensed matter/ quantum information

About QuTech
The Advanced Research Centre QuTech, a joint centre of the TU Delft and TNO currently housed at the TU Delft, is seeking to transition quantum computing and quantum communications from the theoretical and basic research disciplines to working technologies. Quantum research in Delft is at the forefront of new developments with seminal breakthroughs in superconductor- and semiconductor-based qubits, the discovery of the Majorana fermion and the recent demonstration of teleportation over a distance of 1.3 kilometers. The working culture at QuTech is international, ambitious, inspiring, innovative and passionate.

QuTech is organised into five so-called Roadmaps: Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing, Topological Quantum Computing, Quantum Computing and Internet, Shared Development, and the QuTech Academy. At QuTech, international scientists and engineers from TNO and the faculties of EEMCS (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) and Applied Sciences work closely together to realise QuTech’s missions: building a quantum computer and realising a secure quantum Internet.

Job description
The work is focused on analytical and numerical studies of the quantum spin dynamics and spin decoherence of the impurity centers in diamond and quantum dots, and investigation of the quantum control and the quantum information processing with these systems. The work will include close contact and collaboration with the experimentalists at the Technical University of Delft and at the QuTech institute. The candidate is expected to have experience in analytical and/or numerical studies of quantum many-body dynamics, and, preferably, knowledge of basic quantum information theory.

Information and application
Applications, CV, and recommendation letters should be sent to Viatcheslav Dobrovitski