Investment Quantum Technology

Over the next ten years, six parties will be investing €135 million in QuTech, the quantum technology institute which aims to develop the building blocks for the first quantum computer. The covenant for this was signed by the six parties in Delft this afternoon. The covenant forms a solid basis in which the six parties undertake to support the QuTech institute for the next 10 years. QuTech is an initiative of TU Delft and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). Last year, the Dutch government chose QuTech as a National Icon; an innovative technology project that receives extra government support.



The Netherlands invests €135 million in quantum technology

Prof. Leo Kouwenhoven is pleased with the long-term support: “Developing pioneering technology, such as a quantum computer, is a process of trial and error, which requires a great deal of patience. I am delighted that the partners are endorsing the importance of this research by committing themselves to the cause for the next ten years: developing the building blocks for a quantum computer. This commitment puts us in a perfect position to attract top-class scientists and partners from industry.” At present, QuTech employs more than 100 scientists, but thanks to the extra investment, this number is set to double in the years to come.



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