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The consortium’s objectives

The consortium’s ambition is clear: we aim to develop a quantum processor using standard manufacturing techniques that can demonstrate a quantum advantage.

To achieve this goal, a multidisciplinary team of experts from academia and industry has been assembled to cover all necessary fields, including materials growth, quantum device fabrication, qubit demonstration, and quantum theory. Together, we are working on a sustainable European supply chain for purified germanium, advanced semiconductor manufacturing, and cryogenic electronics.


Four key objectives:

IGNITE has a roadmap focusing on an increasing number of qubits and a focus on scalability.

IGNITE seeks to achieve a quantum advantage using transistor-like germanium qubits to solve real-world problems, thereby showcasing the practical benefits of quantum computing.

IGNITE is dedicated to designing scalable qubit modules and interconnections, providing blueprints for quantum processors with over 100 qubits.

IGNITE intends to develop architecture designs and documentation to build quantum computers with more than 1000 qubits.

With these objectives in mind, IGNITE offers Europe a unique opportunity to leverage its semiconductor industry to build large-scale quantum computers. To reach our ambition, we have identified key technological and scientific milestones, including stringent qubit performance requirements, high-volume semiconductor manufacturing compatibility, automated calibration, quantum error correction schemes, and the execution of quantum algorithms for practical applications.