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On April 6th, 2023, the Germanium Day event was held at the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria. This remarkable gathering featured engaging and informative sessions with 11 distinguished speakers. The event, which took place both in-person and online, provided a unique opportunity for experts in the field of Germanium research to share their insights and expertise.

The impressive roster of speakers included distinguished speakers such as Daniel Loss (University of Basel), Giovanni Isella (Politecnico di Milano), Giordano Scappucci (TU Delft), Nico Hendrickx (TU Delft), Dominik Zumbühl (University of Basel), Hai-ou Li (University of Science and Technology China), Yann-Michel Niquet (CEA Grenoble), Natalia Ares (Oxford University), Andras Palyi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Andrea Hofmann (University of Basel) and Yosuke Shimura (IMEC). The topics covered ranged from cutting-edge research in Germanium to its applications in diverse fields, making it a comprehensive and enlightening experience for all attendees.

Over 100 enthusiastic participants joined the event, fostering a vibrant atmosphere and providing an excellent opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange. The event concluded with a delightful dinner, allowing attendees to further connect and discuss the day’s proceedings.

Germanium Day followed the successful Hybrid Quantum Technologies (HQT) Workshop, creating a seamless transition for attendees. The primary objective of the event was to bridge the gaps between various scientific communities, including spin qubits, hybrid semiconductor-superconductor devices, and superconducting circuits/qubits. It aimed to facilitate meaningful discussions and the exchange of innovative ideas, uniting experts from slightly different yet interconnected fields.

The Germanium Day at IST Austria was a testament to the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing, propelling the field of Germanium research forward and inspiring future breakthroughs. We look forward to more such enlightening gatherings in the future.