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Visit QuTech: Quantum for Business Roundtable


Quantum for Business Roundtable

Event summary
  • Date 21.09.2023
  • Location QuTech, TU Delft
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Quantum for Business organizes a Roundtable for senior management of organizations that are starting their quantum journey.

Quantum for Business wants to educate and connect front-runner businesses who want to lead the quantum evolution. Our goal for organizing a round table such as this one is twofold: On one hand, we aim to inspire companies on the impact that quantum can have on business and society, and to look at the quantum fields of application that already exist at this very moment. And on the other hand, it offers a great opportunity for the (academic) quantum community to learn what the potential needs and expectations are from the business side of things.


15:30 – Welcome & Introductions
15:40 – Quantum: The technology & promise
16:00 – The many possible applications of quantum
16:45 – QuTech as the national quantum institute
17:00 – Guided tour at QuTech
17:30 – Short discussion

Please note that these events are invite only and signing up for one does not guarantee acceptance. We only have a limited amount of slots available for each session. The Quantum for Business organisation will reach out to you by email to confirm your participation.

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