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Rare Earth Workshop

Event summary
  • Date 07.10.2020
  • Location This was an online event
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With an eye on the latest development of COVID infections we have finally decided to make the 2020 rare-earth workshop an online-only event. We regret this decision a lot as we were all looking forward to seeing you soon in person at QuTech. While an online meeting never has the same appeal as a meeting with actual people, we hope, and will do our best, to satisfy the longstanding tradition of organizing a highly interactive workshop with lots of opportunities to learn from each other and to exchange ideas.

Organizing an online conference with participants all around the world and time-zones is challenging, but we have tried to make a schedule that allows everybody to participate at the expense of a small effort to stay up a little longer or to set the alarm clock a little earlier than usual. Note that all talks will be recorded, giving those who are not able to attend remotely the possibility to catch up before the relevant question period.


Final program view in PDF


This was an online event, registration is closed.

Dates: 7, 8, 9 October 2020

Registration by sending an email to: J.Boks-Zondervan@tudelft.nl .