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Fujitsu Quantum Day

Banner image for Fujitsu Quantum Day, mentioning date - Jan 25, 2024 - and location - DOB Academy in Delft, Netherlands
Event summary
  • Date 25.01.2024
  • Location Delft, Netherlands
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Unlocking the Quantum Computing future: exploring multiple paths

On January 25 our valued partner Fujitsu will be joined by some of the world’s leading experts in quantum computing for a unique 1-day event in Delft, sharing the latest thinking and exploring some of the most exciting research developments to unlock quantum computing’s future potential, while providing iInsights into Fujitsu’s multi-faceted approach towards realizing practical quantum computing in the future.

QuTech and Delft University of Technology will be represented by Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen, among others, and visitors will be able to attend speeches by Professors Ryoichi Ishihara, Tim Taminiau, Ronald Hanson and Matthias Möller.

For a full overview of talks, visit the Fujitsu website.

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