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European Quantum Technology Conference

EQTC 2023 event logo
Event summary
  • Date 16.10.2023
  • Location Hannover, Germany
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At the upcoming EQTC, visit the Quantum Delta NL booth and the welcome reception, where QDNL will act as a co-sponsor. Further, the convention will see speeches by representatives from TNO and Qblox.

Every two years, the Quantum Flagship gathers the major European research and innovation networks at the European Quantum Technology Conference (EQTC). As the largest quantum event of its kind, we celebrate breakthroughs, highlight the pioneering work of European organisations and connect the dots within the community.

The event will feature all scientific and technology pillars of the Quantum Flagship and the European ecosystem as well as select global developments. As such, the EQTC is the go-to event for getting an inspiring and intense tour of the European ecosystem – and ensuring that you are far ahead of the curve. Come and get future-ready!

Find more info on the EQTC event page.

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