Final design QuTech building approved

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In the coming years, TU Delft will invest in the renewal and improvement of the TU Delft Campus. One of the developments in this initiative is the new building for QuTech, the mission-driven quantum institute of TU Delft and TNO. On May 14, 2024, the final design was officially approved. This new building contributes to TU Delft’s ambition to have a CO2-neutral, circular, and climate-adaptive campus by 2030. The new building is expected to be operational by 2028.

The Design
The new QuTech building offers approximately 13,500 m² of indoor space spread over five floors. It will house workspaces for QuTech employees and supporting services, study areas for master’s students, and laboratories with advanced research equipment. The design consists of two separate structures with an atrium in between. One structure is situated on the most vibration-free ground, making it suitable for laboratories; the optical labs will be located on the ground floor, while cryolabs will be situated on the floors above. This vibration-free section is primarily constructed of concrete.

The other structure will primarily serve as office space. Since there are no strict vibration-free requirements for this area, a primary structural frame of wood will be used here. Laminated wood has been chosen, a sustainable option with a warm appearance. The atrium in the middle, with long sightlines and connecting staircases, encourages collaboration and spontaneous encounters.

Sustainable Construction
Wood is used where possible and concrete where necessary. Wood is sustainable because it is a renewable resource and stores CO2 even after being processed into building material. For the floors, the aim is to use the most sustainable application of concrete flooring with circular materials.

The cryolab setups will be placed in compact glass compartments, ‘aquariums’, which efficiently expel warm air with cooled air, optimizing the space as a workspace. The project will be realized according to the internationally recognized BREEAM standard. This means the use of recycled materials, natural insulation, energy neutrality, and energy-efficient installations.


About QuTech
QuTech is a mission-driven research institute of the Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in the field of quantum technology. QuTech works on scalable prototypes of a quantum computer and an inherently secure quantum internet by bringing world-class research and groundbreaking innovation together in one building. Besides numerous scientific breakthroughs and collaborations with companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and Fujitsu, QuTech (currently with 350 employees) has also led to a thriving startup ecosystem in Delft. In collaboration with the faculties, QuTech trains a formidable talent pool, which has a strong positive impact on Delft, South Holland, and the Netherlands as a whole.

The realization of this new building for QuTech will create improved conditions for the state-of-the-art research conducted by the involved scientists. The new QuTech building will serve as a breeding ground for innovations and business activity, technological cross-pollination, and new collaborations for its users – academics, staff, and engineers in cooperation with the business community.

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