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Annual Report 2023

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We are proud to present the annual report for 2023. Together, we’re not just moving forward; we’re building momentum, bit by bit, towards our mission of creating the quantum future. Reflecting on the past year, we’ve accomplished significant milestones. Among them, our research efforts yielded a new, bottom-up approach to making robust qubits, a chessboard-like method for addressing many quantum dots, and an expanded collaboration with Fujitsu on colour centre qubits.

Furthermore, we developed the QuTech EtiQuette, promoting socially responsible behaviour. 2023 also marked a significant turning point as the size of the workforce in QuTech spin-offs surpassed that of QuTech itself.

In this annual report, we will delve deeper into these accomplishments, and more. We hope that this report will inspire you, perhaps even prompt you to actively join us on our journey.

ImagePlease click on the image to view the report online, or visit our annual report page.
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Photo credit: NWO/Jeancarlo Nunes dos Anjos

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