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Xiao Xue awarded Steven Hoogendijk Prize 2023

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The ‘Bataafsch Genootschap der Proefondervindelijke Wijsbegeerte’ (Batavian Society of Experimental Philosophy) awards QuTech researcher Xiao Xue the Steven Hoogendijk Prize 2023. The prize is awarded every two years for the best experimental doctoral thesis from the TU Delft. Previously, Norbert Kalb received the prize in 2019 for his thesis work at QuTech.

Every two years the Bataafsch Genootschap awards two prizes for best experimental doctoral theses: one from the Erasmus MC and one from the TU Delft. The board of Directors of the Bataafsch Genootschap will hand out the prize on Saturday 23 September in Rotterdam.

The thesis of Xue has been proposed by a Jury consisting of: Dr.ir. Matthijs Langelaar, Prof.dr.ir. Mirjam Snellen and Dr. Robert Kleerebezem for the TU Delft prize. The prize consists of 2,000 euros and will be handed over by the Praeses Magnificus Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam.

About Xiao Xue’s thesis

Xue defended his thesis ‘Performance benchmarking of silicon quantum processors’ in May 2022. Benchmarking the performance of a quantum computer is of key importance in identifying and reducing the error sources, and therefore in achieving fault-tolerant quantum computation.

In the last decade, qubits made of electron spins in silicon emerged as promising candidates for practical quantum computers. To understand their physical properties and the engineering challenges behind, a complete characterization of coupled spin qubits is highly demanded. Xue’s dissertation presents extensive studies on performance benchmarking of silicon quantum processors, covering the aspects of quantum logic, quantum measurement, crosstalk and error correlations, and cryogenic quantum control.


Ahmed Aboutaleb, Praeses Magnificus of the Bataafsch Genootschap and current mayor of Rotterdam handing Xiao Xue the Steven Hoogendijk Prize 2023.

About the Bataafsch Genootschap

The Bataafsch Genootschap der Proefondervindelijke Wijsbegeerte (here meaning ‘experimental sciences’) is one of the oldest scientific societies in The Netherlands. Founded in 1769 in Rotterdam by the wealthy clockmaker Steven Hoogendijk. Probably modelled on the Accademia dei Lincei (1603–1651) and the Royal Society (1660–present). The society isn’t named after the Batavian Republic, the successor state of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands, since that was proclaimed only in 1795.


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