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08.11.2022In the media

QuTech spin-out Orange Quantum Systems wins Quantum SME call

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Orange Quantum Systems (Orange QS) was awarded over €1 million for their proposal DiagnostiQ, which aims to develop new characterization systems for next-generation superconducting quantum devices. The project is a collaboration with the DiCarlo lab at QuTech.

“DiagnostiQ aims to accelerate innovation in quantum chip development by turning key scientific results into a commercially ready product for faster diagnostics of superconducting quantum chips,” says Anna Shchygol, Senior Project Manager at Orange QS. “To this day, this remains a significant bottleneck that stands in the way of commercial development of such quantum chips.”

The DiCarlo lab at QuTech will provide next-generation chip designs as well as protocols to diagnose the system. Orange QS will be building a DiagnostiQ system capable of testing next-generation quantum chips with up to 17 qubits.


DiagnostiQ kick-off on 4 November 2022. Photo credit: Orange Quantum Systems.

“The collaboration is unique,” says Shchygol, “as scientific breakthroughs from the DiCarlo lab will be immediately turned into a user-friendly product for chip diagnostics, well-tested and documented with the best coding practices. This has the potential to significantly accelerate the pace of European efforts to reach quantum advantage.”

Orange QS is a spin-out company of QuTech, co-founded by team members who worked on Quantum Inspire. Orange QS’ mission is to provide quantum chip diagnostics systems for creating better quantum chips.

About the Quantum SME call

Quantum Delta NL (QDNL) announced the winners of the first ‘Quantum SME call’ during their annual event for the Dutch quantum community last September. The call, worth a total of 7.87 million Euros, goes to ten leading and promising SME quantum companies. Three other QuTech spin-outs also submitted proposals that were granted, namely QBlox, Quantware and Q*Bird (quantum cryptography lab). For more information, visit QDNL.

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