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16.12.2021Quantum Computing

Veni grant for Maximilian Russ

Artistic representation of quantum entanglement between two 'hot' qubits. The three electrodes at the top of the figure are made using standard techniques. Enabling qubits to operate at practical temperatures is a major step towards scalable quantum technology.
Maximilian Rimbach-Russ
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NWO has announced to provide a Veni grant to Maximilian Russ for his research on sensing local properties for novel spinqubit operations. The grant provides the opportunity to further elaborate own ideas during a period of three years.


About his research

Spin qubits are a promising candidate for large scale quantum computers owning to their small footprint, combined with long quantum coherence times. Still, their embedding in semiconductor structure with a locally varying environment gives each qubit a unique “character”. Researchers propose to sense and use this to achieve efficient spin manipulation.

NWO Talent Programme Veni

The NWO Talent Programme Veni is targeted at researchers who have recently obtained their PhD, whose qualities clearly exceed what is customary within their international peer group. They are at the start of their scientific career and display a striking talent for scientific research. Veni applicants must have obtained their doctorate within the last three years.

Read more about the other Veni laureates at the Delft University of Technology on their website.

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