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ISSCC Award best European Paper of 2020

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During the 2021 International Solid-State Circuit Conference (ISSCC), researchers at QuTech and the Faculty of EEMCS of TU Delft, together with Intel, were awarded the ‘ISSCC 2020 Jan Van Vessem Award for Outstanding European Paper’. The winning document is entitled: ‘A Scalable Cryo-CMOS 2-to-20GHz Digitally Intensive Controller for 4×32 Frequency Multiplexed Spin Qubits/Transmons in 22nm FinFET Technology for Quantum Computers’.

Since 1954, ISSCC is the premiere conference to present academic and industrial advances in integrated circuit with more than 3000 yearly attendees. At last year’s ISSCC, the researchers presented the design and experimental demonstration of an integrated circuit able to operate at extremely low temperatures while controlling qubits. This breakthrough brings us closer to realize large-scale quantum computers, which will solve problems intractable by even the most powerful supercomputers. Read more about the research in the article ‘Cryo-chip overcomes obstacle to large-scale quantum computers’.

About the award

Jan Van Vessem served ISSCC as the first Chair of the European Program Committee from 1968 to 1974. The award in his honor recognizes the best European contribution among all papers in one ISSCC edition. Have a look at the overview of all the winners.


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