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Stephanie Wehner wins Ammodo Science Award 2019

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Stephanie Wehner, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor in quantum information at QuTech, Delft University of Technology, wins prestigious Ammodo Science Award 2019. Ammodo announced this today. The Ammodo Science Award is intended for excellent, internationally recognised mid-career scientists who work in the Netherlands and obtained their PhD no longer than fifteen years ago. The eight laureates each receive a sum of 300,000 euros. They can use this money in the coming years to explore new avenues in fundamental scientific research.

Stephanie (41) has given direction to the field of quantum information theory. She has made important contributions to our understanding of quantum information, entanglement, and quantum thermodynamics by using the role of information as a tool to understand nature. Her research takes the leap from fundamental research to technological realization. She has made pioneering contributions to the design and real world implementation of quantum cryptography.

Stephanie is one of the founders of QCRYPT, now the largest international conference in quantum cryptography, and leads the Quantum Internet Alliance in the EU Flagship of Quantum Technologies. In a former life, Stephanie worked as a professional hacker.

Stephanie is now working on a fundamental challenge: how to create entanglement over long distances, in order to make a quantum internet possible. Entanglement is a central concept in quantum mechanics, allowing for safe communication and superfast coordination. She now wants to realize this in the planned quantum network around Delft.

More information regarding Stephanie’s research about quantum networks.


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