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12.10.2018Quantum Computing

Andreev qubits for scalable quantum computation

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A Horizon 2020 FET Open grant has been awarded to a European consortium coordinated by Attila Geresdi. The project with a budget of 3.5 MEur will establish the foundations of a radically new solid state platform for scalable quantum computation, based on Andreev qubits. This platform is implemented by utilizing the discrete superconducting quasiparticle levels (Andreev levels) that appear in weak links between superconductors. The research consortium consists of leading academic partners in the field at Budapest, Copenhagen, CNR Pisa, CEA Saclay, Basel, Madrid and Delft.

The device technology, based on high quality semiconductor nanowires and planar heterostructures in combination with clean superconductor leads is of key importance for the flexibility and the potential of scalability of the Andreev qubit platform. These aspects will be covered by the broad range of competences in the consortium, spanning from theoretical device modeling and materials science to quantum transport and quantum bit measurements.

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