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29.05.2018In the media

Quantum Vision Team researches social impact of quantum technology

Willemijn Uilhoorn - PhD at QC lab
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In spring 2018 the Executive Board of Delft University of Technology installed a Vision Team Quantum Society to take social leadership in the development of quantum technologies. The vision team will explore the impacts that quantum technology might have on society. Pieter Vermaas, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, chairs the team. He will be accompanied by researchers from several Delft based faculties, such as Industrial Design Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science.

About the Quantum Vision Team
The vision team will focus on quantum communication and quantum computing related to quantum communication. A key topic is cryptology since quantum technologies pose treats to the security of current digital communication and enable new full security for future quantum communication. The team will provide an overview of questions, concerns and future images from different stakeholders of the impacts on society. It will also evaluate realism and desirability of possible future scenarios for these new technologies in the coming six months.


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