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Quantum operations on a 1024-Qubit Processor

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A TTW open technology programme from NWO is awarded to Menno Veldhorst, lead-PI, and to Fabio Sebastiano, Giordano Scappucci, and Carmina Almudever, co-PI’s on this project. The team receives a budget of over 1.2 M€ and will focus in this 5-year project on one of the greatest challenges of this century: to construct a quantum computer that can perform computations that are unsolvable with classical methods. Such a quantum computer has the potential of daily-life changing applications, but its construction is extremely demanding. Thousands to millions of interacting quantum bits will be required, while these building blocks are very fragile. Together with industrial market leaders the team will construct quantum bits that are based on silicon transistors, the most replicated manmade structure in the history of mankind. Large qubit arrays will be fabricated in partnership with Intel Corporation, while cryogenic electronics will be developed together with BlueFors. These together will enable the team to demonstrate quantum operations on a large quantum chip, laying down the path towards a quantum era for computation.

Menno Veldhorst, Giordano Scappucci, Fabio Sebastiano, and Carmina Almudever
Photo credits: Guus Schoonewille

The programme will be carried out in the semiconductor Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing roadmap headed by Lieven Vandersypen.

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