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09.01.2018Quantum Internet

Wolfgang Tittel joins QuTech Quantum Internet team

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We are proud to announce that, starting April 2018, prof. dr. Wolfgang Tittel will join QuTech in the development of the world’s first quantum internet.

The realization of a large-scale quantum network is a step-by-step pursuit that our Quantum Internet roadmap is persistently following. Ronald Hanson: ‘we are delighted that Wolfgang a world expert in efficient optical connections between quantum nodes, will join our team.’ The 2020 goal of a four-city quantum network requires the collaboration between science and industry. Wolfgang Tittel: ‘I am excited to work in such a unique collaboration between TU Delft and TNO. Delft is a dynamic and appealing place to work and the EU Quantum-Flagship will make it even better.’

Wolfgang Tittel obtained his PhD at the University of Geneva, worked as a postdoc at the University of Aarhus and the University of Geneva and joined the University of Calgary in 2006 as Industrial Research Chair. He engaged in ground-breaking experiments since the start of the field of quantum communication and cryptography and worked on the edge of science and technology. At QuTech, he will take the step towards the quantum internet as a mature technology. Tittel: ‘it is my big dream to participate in the true development of a quantum network’.

Prof. dr. Wolfgang Tittel will start building his research group and labs at QuTech from April this year. Do you wish to be part of this ground-breaking research? Please check his current website QC2lab.com for more information.

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