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04.10.2016In the media

Leo Kouwenhoven to give lecture on state television

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Universiteit van Nederland
Starting this month, several lectures of the University of the Netherlands (Universiteit van Nederland) will be broadcast on NPO3. Professor Leo Kouwenhoven of the faculty of Applied Sciences has the honour of giving one of these lectures. He will talk about quantum computers.

The University of the Netherlands is an initiative by internet entrepreneur Alexander Klöpping. Klöpping himself will host the unique series of television lectures, which will take about 25 minutes and are ten minutes longer than the regular online lectures.

The theme for this series is big data & privacy. In addition to Kouwenhoven’s lecture about the upcoming revolution of quantum computers, which will be shown in the week of 17 October, NPO3 will broadcast lectures on hacking, robotics and the intelligence agency.

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