Srijit Goswami wins NWO KLEIN Grant

Today, NWO announced that Srijit Goswami is one of the 20 winners of the KLEIN grant, intended for innovative, high-quality, fundamental research and/or studies involving matters of scientific urgency. Goswami will study self-tuned topological states in semiconductor quantum wells.

Majoranas are exotic particles that could one day be used to build powerful quantum computers. Several experimental parameters must be finely tuned to create Majoranas, which is what currently makes it extremely challenging to study even a single Majorana particle. This project will use large two-dimensional systems to develop new kinds of Majoranas which are self-tuned and insensitive to microscopic influences in the environment. This will allow for the simultaneous creation of large arrays of identical Majoranas on a single chip, and will be used to perform experiments that demonstrate their practical feasibility for use in quantum computation.

Click here for NWO’s press release.

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