Quantum Computing for Industry and Public sector

Tuesday 9 May 2023

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09:00 – Registration and coffee (Atrium)

10:00 – Chair’s opening remarks (Zephyr Room)
By: Kees Eijkel

Plenary session 1 (Zephyr Room)
10:15 – The history of computing with quantum computing as the last step
By: Harry Buhrman, CWI

11:10 – Quantum Inspire and its role in the Netherlands
By: Richard Versluis, TNO

11:30 – Coffee

11:45 – Parallel sessions

Parallel Session 1A - Apeliotes Room

Inventing quantum computers

11:50 – The future of the qubits
By: Leo DiCarlo, QuTech

12:10 – How to make a quantum computer?
By: Garrelt Alberts, Orange QS

Parallel Session 1B - Zephyr Room

Financial applications / Security

11:50 – The apocalypse of quantum computing
By: Dimitri van Esch, ABN

12:10 – Post quantum security
By: Sander Dorigo, Fox-IT

Parallel Session 1C - Skiron Room

Society / Ethics

11:50 – Is the society ready for quantum computing?
By: Sander van der Waal, Waag

12:10 – The moral rules of quantum technology
By: Deborah Nas, TU Delft

12:30 – Lunch and open discussions

Art installation Quantum Cat explained by the artist Jeroen van der Most

Parallel Session 2A - Apeliotes Room

Using quantum computers

14:05 – Quantum Application Lab: Creating valuable quantum computing applications with end-users
By: Victor Land, QAL/CWI

14:25 – Quantum applications for secure energy grids
By: Jelte Zwetsloot (Alliander) and Esteban Aguilera (TNO)

Parallel Session 2B - Zephyr Room

Bio / Pharma

14:05 – Faster drug design: molecular signature
By: Lucas Visscher, VU Amsterdam

14:25 – TBD
By: tbd

Parallel Session 2C - Skiron Room

Towards industrial automation

14:05 – Quantum Computing Applications in the Power and Energy Sector
By: Kumar Ghosh, E.ON Digital Technology

14:25 – Optimization and System Software for Quantum Applications
By: Sebastian Feld, Delft University of Technology & QuTech

14:45 – Coffee

Plenary session 2 (Zephyr Room)
15:00 – What is the future of quantum computing?
By: Vedran Dunjko, Leiden University

15:45 – Closing remarks (Zephyr Room)
By: Lieven Vandersypen

16:00 – Drinks