Quantum Computing for Industry and Public sector

Tuesday 9 May 2023

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09:00 – Registration and coffee (Atrium)

10:00 – Chair’s opening remarks (Zephyr Room)
By: Kees Eijkel

Plenary session 1 (Zephyr Room)
10:15 – The history of computing with quantum computing as the last step
By: Harry Buhrman, CWI

11:10 – Quantum Inspire and its role in the Netherlands
By: Richard Versluis, TNO

11:30 – Coffee

11:45 – Parallel sessions

Parallel Session 1A - Apeliotes Room

Inventing quantum computers

11:50 – The future of the qubits
By: Leo DiCarlo, QuTech

12:10 – How to make a quantum computer?
By: Garrelt Alberts, Orange QS

Parallel Session 1B - Zephyr Room

Financial applications / Security

11:50 – The apocalypse of quantum computing
By: Dimitri van Esch, Quantum Gateway Foundation

12:10 – Post quantum security
By: Sander Dorigo, Fox-IT

Parallel Session 1C - Skiron Room

Society / Ethics

11:50 – Is the society ready for quantum computing?
By: Thomas van Dijk, Waag

12:10 – The ethical, legal and social impact of quantum computing
By: Deborah Nas, TU Delft

12:30 – Lunch and open discussions

Art installation Quantum Cat explained by the artist Jeroen van der Most

Parallel Session 2A - Apeliotes Room

Using quantum computers

14:05 – Quantum Application Lab: Creating valuable quantum computing applications with end-users
By: Victor Land, QAL/CWI

14:25 – Quantum applications for secure energy grids
By: Jelte Zwetsloot (Alliander) and Esteban Aguilera (TNO)

Parallel Session 2B - Zephyr Room

Bio / Pharma

14:05 – Quantum computing applications in chemistry
By: Lucas Visscher, VU Amsterdam

14:25 – On the Role of Quantum Computing for Life Sciences
By: Anna Heid, McKinsey & Company

Parallel Session 2C - Skiron Room

Towards industrial automation

14:05 – Quantum Computing Applications in the Power and Energy Sector
By: Kumar Ghosh, E.ON Digital Technology

14:25 – Optimization and System Software for Quantum Applications
By: Sebastian Feld, Delft University of Technology & QuTech

14:45 – Coffee

Plenary session 2 (Zephyr Room)
15:00 – Emerging trends in quantum computing
By: Vedran Dunjko, Leiden University

15:45 – Closing remarks (Zephyr Room)
By: Kees Eijkel

16:00 – Drinks

During the event we are eager to hear your professional insight on adapting quantum computing in your organization. The researchers working on the outreach to government and industry track invite you to visit our table during the lunch and coffee breaks in the main hall. If you would like more information on this before the event, please contact Charlotte Rugers.