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Xin Zhang


Room F229
Vandersypen Lab


Xin Zhang completed his Ph.D. of Physics at University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, China (2021), where he focused on readout and control of spin in silicon MOS quantum dots. The main result he achieved was the discovery of giant anisotropy of spin relaxation times caused by spin-valley mixing in a silicon quantum dot, in which the variation range of the spin relaxation times could be as high as 2 orders of magnitude.

He started working for QuTech as a Postdoc on August 1st, 2021, in Lieven Vandersypen’s group. His current work focuses on quantum simulation based on semiconductor quantum dots, including strongly correlated material such as quantum spin liquid and frustrated magnets.

For the outreach activities, he enjoys writing and giving presentations. He is specialized in the introduction to the research frontiers of quantum computing and quantum simulation. In the spare time, he likes reading history books, running and also cooking.