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PhD Candidate

Taryn Stefanski


Room E231
Andersen Lab


Taryn Stefanski graduated from Michigan State University in 2019 with a BSc in physics. She then received her MSc in physics from the University of Bristol (2020) where she studied coherence properties of quantum dots. She began the Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training programme at the University of Bristol in 2020 through which she has become a visiting PhD student within Christian Andersen’s lab in QuTech as of October 2021, where she will be investigating high speed and high fidelity readout and implementation of single qubit gates on superconducting fluxonium qubits.

In her spare time, Taryn likes to do crafts, ice skate, play board games, and do puzzles. She is hoping to use her time in the Netherlands to learn Dutch and eat lots of poffertjes alongside her research.