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Saurabh Karwal



Saurabh carried out his master’s research at TU Delft, the Netherlands and at Argonne National Labs, US. He worked in the field of surface chemistry, shape selective heterogenous catalysis, film growth using ALD and MLD and thin film material characterization.

Subsequently, he joined the group of Prof. Erwin Kessels as a PhD to develop novel transition metal nitrides and oxides using ALD. Being there, he studied the effects of plasma ion-surface interactions during plasma assisted ALD process on the chemical composition, microstructure and optoelectronic properties of the thin films and later on implemented these materials in thin film CIGS solar cells.

As of 2018, Saurabh joined TNO as quantum device scientist, working in the field of topological qubits and spin qubits. He has been working on optimizing and increasing the complexity, reproducibility and quality of the quantum devices and testing quantum transport through device nanostructures.

Quantum research is a field of intense team work and Saurabh appreciates the value of teamwork and seeks a challenging working environment where he can combine the scientific knowledge and the soft skills to a success.

In his spare time, Saurabh likes to hike, play badminton, read books and exploring new places.