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Luca obtained a degree in theoretical physics (2010) from the University of Padova. He did his master thesis at the Niles Bohr institute in Copenhagen on the quantum tomography of pure quantum states. He then obtained e Ph.D. in information engineering (2014) from the University of Padova, focusing on distributed quantum network dynamics.

After his Ph.D., he moved to the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow for a postdoc in the quantum communication hub, where he designed and modeled experiments on quantum amplifiers/receivers. He also worked on a feasibility study on quantum key distribution from CubeSat constellations (QUARC). He then moved to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a postdoc in the quantum technology laboratory. While there, he was part of the science definition team for a mission study aiming to test gravitational effects on quantum systems and precision tests of general relativity (Deep Space Quantum Link).

He joined TNO as a quantum systems engineer in February 2022. He is working on different projects across the department, such as the Quantum Internet Demonstrator and the feasibility study for quantum key distribution from geostationary orbits.

In his spare time, he enjoys climbing, hiking, skiing, and traveling.