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Jared Croese


Room E 151

Jared (Rotterdam, Netherlands 1989) is a skilled experimentalist that gets a kick out of developing new systems and devices. He studied Applied Physics at the Hague University of Applied Sciences (BEng, 2015) and Delft University of Technology (MSc, 2017). Afterwards he did his PhD research at ISOLDE (CERN’s Radioactive Ion Beam Facility) where help to developed and build the liquid sample β-NMR setup which led to the measurement of the magnetic moments of short-lived nuclei with unprecedented accuracy and paved the way for bio-chemical studies using this technique. In 2021 he joined TNO’s Quantum Technology Department as a Quantum Engineer.

Within QuTech Jared is part of the Quantum Internet Division and of Quantum Inspire, Europe’s first public quantum computing platform in the cloud.

In his spare time he loves to listen to books, play boardgames, walk, cook, bake and spend time with family and friends.