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James Grant Kroll


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James Grant Kroll obtained his Master’s in Physics from the University of Edinburgh (2013) while working at the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions. While there, he focused on crystallographic studies of materials at extreme pressures in diamond anvil cells. After a short period working at the National Physical Laboratory on the metrology of piezoelectric materials, he joined the group of Leo Kouwenhoven in 2014 at the TU Delft. To develop radio-frequency readout devices for topological quantum computers.

While there, he demonstrated that via careful design and fabrication superconducting circuits can be rendered insensitive to the strong magnetic fields typical of topological quantum computing schemes. His subsequent research centered on coupling those superconducting circuits to interesting semiconducting materials, such as graphene and Majorana nanowires, to investigate their properties in a magnetic field.

After graduating in 2019, he stayed for a 1-year post-doc before joining TNO as a quantum device engineer. Within QuTech, he is working to systematize and automate the testing procedures within the spin qubit research groups, allowing bigger, better, and more complicated devices to be fabricated more reliably.

In his spare time, he tries to maintain a well-rounded life outside of work. Which over the years has included martial arts, playing electric and bass guitar, cooking, yoga, and a counterproductive amount of video games.