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Erwin van Zwet


Room F034

Engineering Lead Hardware, Quantum Internet Division

Erwin van Zwet studied applied physics at the TU Delft. In 2000 Erwin started at TNO, as a system engineer of X-ray inspection equipment. A few years later he became involved in his first of a long list of projects for ASML, related to the development of the EUV lithography machines. Next to that he was the inventor and lead system engineer of multiple different optical maskless lithography concepts. As a system engineer, he is always looking for a pragmatic approach to optimize performance and progress.

In 2017 he chose to broaden his expertise to the fascinating world of quantum and became the lead system engineer of the realization of the quantum internet demonstrators. In 2020 Erwin became the Hardware Engineering Lead of the newly formed Quantum Internet Division of QuTech. Now focusing on bringing together the academic research of the TU Delft and the engineering expertise of TNO.

Outside work he likes to play tennis, a game that is as challenging to master as the complex world of quantum.