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PhD Candidate

Elena Volkova


Room B108

Errando-Herranz Lab

Elena obtained her Bachelor's degree from Moscow State University, where she conducted research on the photoluminescence properties of Colloidal Quantum Dots. Later, she shifted towards the topic of photonic integrated circuits design at Skolkovo Institute of Technology. There, she obtained her Master’s degree on the topic of injection-locked lasers modeling for the creation of a cascade of optical logical gates. During her time at Skolkovo University, Elena developed a keen interest in the rapidly evolving field of machine learning and neural networks, prompting her to explore both classical neural networks and the potential for optical implementations.

Currently, Elena is a member of Carlos Lab, where she conducts research in quantum application-oriented photonic integrated circuits design. She utilizes her knowledge to further explore the computational potential offered by quantum advancements and quantum-optical interconnect.