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Chris Elenbaas


Room B108/B110

Quantum Internet Division

Chris Elenbaas started studying philosophy at the University of Utrecht (UU) and spent much of his spare time on photography. After working within the camera department on a number of short films, he went on to study cinematography at the Dutch Film & Television Academy in Amsterdam. Upon completing the propaedeutic year, he began to miss the intellectual challenge of academia and switched back to the UU and focus in particular on the philosophy of science, logic, and language. Inspired by the foundations and open problems in the philosophy of science, Chris chose to study (astro)physics in parallel; obtaining both bachelor degrees with the cum laude distinction (2011). He continued with a master in astrophysics at the Anton Pannekoek Institute (University of Amsterdam), focussing on high-energy phenomena (2011-2013). At the same institute, he decided to do a PhD (2013-2018) developing theoretical models for the explosive mechanisms behind magnetar bursts.

After completing his PhD, Chris moved on to work at the department of Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) at TNO in 2018. There he has been working mostly on topics involving AI planning and scheduling, multi-agent systems, systems engineering, and quantum information. The latter includes modelling quantum crypto protocols, researching future quantum network applications, and being a part of the development team of the Netsquid quantum network simulator led by Rob Knegjens.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys running, cycling, kickboxing, photography, reading, and dancing.