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Aletta Meinsma



Aletta Meinsma (Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, 1996) received her MSc degree in Applied Physics at the Delft University of Technology (2020). She completed her experimental thesis in the group of Tim Taminiau during which she searched for robust quantum memories in diamond (so-called P1 centres).

In 2018, Aletta joined the Quantum Internet Vision Team - a team set up by the TU Delft to explore the societal impact of quantum technologies. There, she noticed how her two passions – quantum technology and science communication – perfectly combined. These passions have been the driving factors behind her career choices so far: she has worked as a communications advisor at QuTech and Quantum Delft for almost a year, and is currently doing a PhD on the boundary of science communication and quantum technology at Leiden University and QuTech.

In her spare time, Aletta enjoys running, reading novels and travelling to faraway countries. A short while ago, she became a proud member of an electronic piano and has enthusiastically picked up this hobby of hers again too.