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Inside Quantum Technology New York

The Future of Quantum Computing, Quantum Networking and Quantum Sensors
Where Quantum Tech Means Business
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Quantum technology is developing rapidly, from fascinating science projects to use -cases to business development. Some quantum technologies are already earning money. According to Inside Quantum Technology’s research division, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), will reach revenues of around $140 million in 2020 and the market for Quantum Computers will reach approximately $110 million at about the same time. Each quantum technology market segment is expected to go on to be worth millions of dollars annually within a few years. Quantum technology now embraces quantum computing, QKD, post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and quantum sensors; and of course, all the related software.
As these markets evolve Businesspeople and Professionals in the quantum technology field must keep track of the very latest information to make strategic choices. Inside Quantum Technology’s third quantum technology event will be held online due to Covid-19. It will be a must-attend event for strategic planners, marketing executives, designers, products managers, engineers, investors, government executives, and others in the quantum technology field.
Inside Quantum Technology – Online will offer attendees 60 speakers from firms critical to the commercial evolution of quantum technology. There will also be an Exhibition in which leading hardware and software firms, along with service providers will show off their latest products and strategies.
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