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Expression of Concern about Quantized Majorana conductance publication

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On April 29, Nature published the following statement regarding the 2018 article titled Quantized Majorana conductance: “The authors have alerted the editors of Nature to potential problems in the manner in which the raw data in this Letter have been processed, and these will have an impact on the conclusions that can be reliably drawn.”

Whenever such irregularities are found, it should be investigated how it came to that situation. TU Delft’s Research Integrity Committee is the appropriate body to consult when such questions arise. After an initial notification by QuTech’s Director Research and the Dean of the TNW faculty at the beginning of March, this committee was asked to investigate whether the research, data analysis and writing of the publication were executed in accordance with the applicable guidelines. This ongoing investigation, in which appropriate external expertise is being utilized, is confidential until its completion.

Quantum computing research focuses on different types of qubits, the building blocks of a quantum computer. The research institute QuTech works on several qubit systems in addition to the Majorana’s from the article. For example, QuTech recently launched the online platform Quantum Inspire that runs on the more developed transmon qubits and silicon spin qubits. These qubits also form the basis of the quantum computing “catalyst” programs of the National Agenda for Quantum Technology.

*8 MARCH 2021 – Please note that the article has been retracted by the authors on 8 March 2021. Read more*

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