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ERC Starting Grant for Attila Geresdi

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The European Research Council has awarded an ERC Starting Grant to Attila Geresdi of TU Delft/QuTech, the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The grants (1,5 million euros for a five-year programme) are intended to support scientists who are in the early stages of their career and have already produced excellent supervised work.

Simulated Majorana states

Scalable quantum technologies have the potential to reach scientific and technological goals that are otherwise deemed impossible, such as truly secure communication, development of tailored molecules, or exponential speedup of machine learning algorithms. However, quantum states are inherently fragile, and their coherence is easily lost due to interaction with the environment.

Geresdi (QuTech) and his team will build their research efforts based on the concept of topological protection: there are unique electronic states, called Majorana bound states, that are protected from a noisy environment and hence can be the robust building blocks of quantum computers.

How to reach these Majorana states? Geresdi proposes to utilize a well-understood and flexible platform: a linear array of quantum dots. In this system, the quantum behaviour of the electrons in the dots maps to a one-dimensional topological superconductor, hosting a Majorana state on each end of the chain. This concept of analogue quantum simulation enables the investigation and control of complex quantum systems, even those that are inaccessible for classical computer simulations.

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