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01.02.2017In the media

Introduction of our Outreach Coordinator

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Sharing science to the outside world
It is a very exciting time for quantum science and technology. Research institutes are progressing in big steps towards larger quantum systems and better control, often in a joint effort between scientists and engineers. Besides that, companies and politicians are more involved. At QuTech we realizes that we need to share our quantum stories with the outside world. That is why as of February 1st we have an Outreach Coordinator. This is her story:

‘I joined QuTech in 2010 when it was still a TNW department ‘QT, Quantum Transport’. My first introduction to quantum experiments was during my Bachelor Project, on quantum entanglement. I was fascinated by the experimental evidence of the counterintuitive laws of quantum mechanics. After an exchange period at ETH Zurich, I did my master thesis in the group of Leo DiCarlo on superconducting qubits and finally ended up in the Diamond team with Ronald Hanson and Tim Taminiau. I just finished my PhD thesis on ‘quantum error correction with spins in diamond’. Besides my fascination for everything quantum, I am passionate about sharing science to the outside world. During my PhD I did some outreach on the side, for example with my blog for high school students and participated in the theatre show ScienceBattle. As Outreach Coordinator for QuTech, I use my passion and experience to develop and implement an outreach strategy. My goal is to share our interest and excitement for quantum science and technology with the outside world.

The first thing people say about being a quantum physicist is: ‘that must be really hard, you must be very smart!’ This already creates so much distance that I often start by explaining our everyday life in the lab. What do we do? We think, read, discuss and make sure our experimental setup works, which can be frustrating or rewarding. Then we do experiments that step-by-step bring us towards goals that have never been achieved before. The experiments are based on the laws of quantum mechanics, laws that are so counterintuitive that even Albert Einstein could not fully grasp them. In QuTech, we go a step further: we take these laws and create experiments that build towards a computer and a network based on quantum particles.

Besides my work for QuTech I am working as postdoc in the Science, Communication and Society group in Leiden. I will study the outreach of researchers and research institutes to the public.’

Get in touch:
Media questions, invitation of our scientists for a presentation, express your ideas on outreach, please contact Julia.


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