Superconductivity mediated long-range coupling between spin qubits in silicon

FOM projectruimte for Menno Veldhorst

Quantum computation has emerged as a highly interdisciplinary field and a wide variety of physical qubits are being explored for the construction of a large-scale quantum computer. Two promising building blocks in the solid state are superconducting qubits that offer extreme design flexibility and semiconductor spin qubits that have very long coherence times. A hybrid approach could potentially offer the best of both worlds. Menno Veldhorst and his team will explore the integration of superconductivity with spin qubits defined in silicon. The fundamental interaction between Cooper pairs in superconductors and single coherently controllable spins in quantum dots will be studied, aiming to demonstrate long-range interactions between distant spin qubits. These goals could have widespread implications, ranging from studies on Majorana fermions to the construction of a quantum computer.

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