Our focus

Quantum Technology is a key future emerging technology. QuTech is at the forefront of research and development in quantum technology. QuTech currently has three research & technology roadmaps and one partnering roadmap. Additional roadmaps will be developed in the next five years.

Fault-tolerant Quantum Computing

Fifteen years ago, the quantum world was limited to the realm of atoms. Since then, quantum behavior has been achieved with solid-state systems at the micro- and millimeter scale. Several solid-state systems show promise for the manufacturability of quantum processors with hundreds or thousands or more qubits.

Realizing this promise, faces many exciting challenges on-chip, including materials, reliable fabrication, and connectivity between quantum elements.

Quantum Internet and Networked Computing

Our goal is to build an optically-connected network of many (small) quantum computers. Such a network enables the exchange of quantum bits between any of the connected quantum processors in order to solve problems that are intractable classically.

A quantum network in which the processors are located at different geographical locations is called a quantum Internet. Our goal is to develop the technology to enable quantum communication between any two places on earth. One application of such a quantum internet is to provide a fundamentally secure way of communication in which privacy is guaranteed by the laws of physics.

Quantum processors can also be connected into a quantum network in order to assemble a large quantum computing cluster. This approach is called networked quantum computing and offers a natural path towards scalability. Combining a quantum internet and a networked quantum computer finally allows remote users/providers to perform secure quantum computing “in the cloud”.

Topological Quantum Computing

A coffee cup can be deformed into a donut without changing its ‘topology’. The topological state of a Möbius ring remains unaffected under deformations, the ring needs to be cut and untwisted for the state to change. In general, it takes something severe in order to change topology. Such protection against changes is exactly what one is looking for in quantum technology.

QuTech Shared Development

QuTech is a public-private partnership organization and develops quantum technologies based on superposition and entanglement aimed at scalable quantum networks and quantum computers. We aim to develop and set up research in collaboration with external partners. We kindly invite larger companies as well as innovative start-ups and high-tech small and medium companies to contact us to explore possibilities for cooperation.

Quantum Software and Theory

Our goal is to develop new theory and methods to overcome the many challenges in realizing quantum technologies, and to develop useful quantum software applications.

QuTech Academy

QuTech needs great students with the drive and talent to help us accelerate the effort to build a quantum computer and a large-scale quantum Internet. QuTech Academy is the first in mainland Europe to offer a targeted program in the area of Quantum Technology and Quantum Information.

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