QIP 2018 conference program

QIP 2018 will be hosted in Delft in The Netherlands by QuTech at Delft University of Technology.

The international annual Quantum Information Processing (QIP) series is the premier meeting for theoretical quantum information research. Since 1998, the conference has featured breakthroughs by the leaders in the disciplines of computing, cryptography, information theory, mathematics, and physics. The scientific objective of the series is to gather the theoretical quantum information community to present and discuss the latest groundbreaking work in the field.


Main program schedule and videos

Industry exhibit

The Industry Expo, taking place from 15.00-17.30 on Wednesday afternoon, will have booths and presentations from our sponsors Microsoft, Rigetti, IBM, Google and QuTech.

Poster sessions

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Invited talks

Carl Caves | University of New Mexico
Boaz Barak | Harvard University
John Martinis | Google/UCSB

Tutorial lectures & schedule

Michael Bremner | University of Technology, Sydney

Title: The Complexity of Quantum Sampling Problems

Ronald de Wolf | CWI, University of Amsterdam

Title: Quantum Learning Theory

Christian Schaffner | CWI/QuSoft, Amsterdam

Title: Quantum Cryptography beyond Quantum Key Distribution

Wolfgang Lechner | IQOQI, Innsbruck

Title: Quantum Simulation

You can find the tutorial schedule here.

Accepted talks

For a list the accepted talks, click here.

Accepted posters

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Instructions for Speakers & Poster Presenters

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