Valentina Caprara

Room B218
Wehner Group

I am a proactive physics researcher, but it would be more correct to define myself as a science lover. I started as a pure theorist with a preference for math, but I am now particularly specialised in applications, specifically in how to realize the quantum internet of the future. My work consists in bridging the gap between theory and experiment in quantum information theory.


Revealing genuine optical-path entanglement
Monteiro, V. Caprara Vivoli, T. Guerreiro, A. Martin, J.D. Bancal, H. Zbinden
Physical review letters 114 (17), 170504, 2015

Comparing different approaches for generating random numbers device-independently using a photon pair source
Caprara Vivoli, P. Sekatski, J.D. Bancal, C.C.W. Lim, A. Martin, R. Thew, H. Zbinden
New Journal of Physics 17, 023023

Challenging preconceptions about Bell tests with photon pairs
Caprara Vivoli, P. Sekatski, J.D. Bancal, C.C.W. Lim, B.G. Christensen
Phys.Rev. A 91, 012107

Proposal for an optomechanical bell test
V.C. Vivoli, T. Barnea, C. Galland, N. Sangouard
Physical review letters 116(7), 070405

High-bandwidth quantum memory protocol for storing single photons in rare-earth doped crystals
V.C. Vivoli, N. Sangouard, M. Afzelius, N. Gisin
New Journal of Physics 15(9), 095012

APS March Meeting, New Orleans (USA), 13 March 2017, V. Caprara Vivoli, Optical N partite GHZ generation in nearby nodes
Darmstadt Colloquium, Darmstadt (Germany), 16 June 2016, V. Caprara Vivoli, What does it take to detect entanglement with the human eye?
ICFO Colloquium, Barcelona (Spain), 15 June 2015, Caprara Vivoli, Detecting entanglement and nonlocality in path-entangled states
YAO, Zurich (Switzerland), 19-24 Aprl 2015, V. Caprara Vivoli, Revealing Genuine Optical-Path Entanglement
QSIT seminar lunch, Zurich (Switzerland), 4 December 2014, V. Caprara Vivoli, Witnessing multipartite optical-path entanglement
QSIT Junior meeting, Passugg (Switzerland), 11-14 June 2013, V. Caprara Vivoli, Witnessing single-photon entanglement with local homodyne measurements