Thorsten Last


Thorsten Last received his Diplom in applied physics and PhD in electrical engineering from the Ruhr Universität Bochum, GER. During his studies and subsequent postdoctoral appointments at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, NL, and University of California at Berkeley, USA, he focused on the physics of nanodevices with respect to their utilization in spintronic “beyond CMOS” technologies and quantum information processing.

Since 2011 Thorsten was involved in a number of technology development-related projects in the semiconductor industry. Until 2013 he worked for PDF Solutions improving performance and yield of its client’s products (process development for CMOS-based FinFET technology) by analyzing process-related design of experiments. In 2014 he joined ASML as a functional expert addressing EUV mask 3D-related imaging topics for future “beyond 7 nm” technology nodes (wave front engineering).

Thorsten’s expertise and interest to work at the interface between solid state research and technology development brought him to QuTech. He is in particular curious about how the scaling challenges of a solid state quantum processor unit will be addressed and overcome.