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Tanmoy Chakraborty


Room B007
Tittel Lab

After his MSc from IIEST-Shibpur, Tanmoy Chakraborty started his PhD in IISER-Kolkata. During his PhD, he experimentally investigated thermodynamic properties of spin ½ quantum magnets and used these macroscopic properties to capture the characteristics of quantum correlations among the constituent spins of those spin lattice systems.
After finishing his PhD in 2015, Tanmoy joined TU Dortmund as a postdoc where his projects dealt with engineering the states of a quantum register associated a single NV and performing spectroscopic characterization of NVs to test their quantum sensing efficiencies. He continued working on NV, GeV centers in diamond and defect centers in SiC during his subsequent postdocs in Stockholm University and Hasselt University.

Tanmoy joined the group of Prof. Wolfgang Tittel in QuTech in February 2020 as a postdoc. In QuTech he is working on the developing a frequency multiplexed source of entangled photon pairs using cavity-enhanced spontaneous parametric down-conversion and a frequency multiplexed Bell-state measurement station.

In his free time, Tanmoy likes travelling, hiking, watching football, playing table tennis and card games.