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Patrick Harvey-Collard


Room F229
+31 (0)15 2785224
Vandersypen Lab

Dr. Patrick Harvey-Collard did his doctoral research at Sandia National Labs (2018), where he is known for his demonstration of coherent coupling between a single donor and a quantum dot, for his studies of spin-orbit interaction in silicon MOS nanodevices, and for his high-fidelity spin readout. He also holds B.Sc. (2009) and M.Sc. (2013) degrees in physics from the University of Sherbrooke, where his interest in nanoelectronic devices first originated. There, he fabricated a new type of silicon tunnel field-effect transistor using novel nanofabrication techniques.

He joined QuTech in 2018 as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Vandersypen Lab. Patrick currently works on combining technologies from circuit quantum electrodynamics and silicon spin qubits, where he hopes to find new opportunities to advance both fields. He thinks that in the field of quantum computing, great science starts with great technology. Therefore, he strives to leverage techniques from other fields, state-of-the-art nanofabrication, and good instrumentation to create innovation.