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Miguel Moreira


DiCarlo Lab
Room 22.B207

Miguel Moreira (Lisbon, Portugal, 1996) joined QuTech as a quantum systems engineer in 2019. He holds a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and computer science from Instituto Superior Técnico (2017) and a master’s in computer engineering from Delft University of Technology (2019). Miguel’s focus evolved from computer architecture to quantum control systems during his master’s, which he completed with a thesis on control architectures for quantum processors designed for surface-code quantum error correction.

At QuTech, Miguel works in the DiCarlo Lab, part of the Quantum Computing Division. His work spans the development of control electronics and software stacks, system integration, and the calibration and characterization of quantum processors. Recently, these efforts have culminated in his participation in Quantum Inspire – Europe’s first quantum computer in the cloud. More broadly, they are aligned with the DiCarlo Lab’s stated mission to realize the prototype of a quantum computer demonstrating quantum fault tolerance.

Through his work, Miguel aims to contribute to the creation of a quantum computer capable of driving advances in human knowledge beyond what is thought possible today.