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Maximilian Ruf


Room B001

Hanson Lab

Maximilian Ruf (Santa Clara, USA, 1992) studied Physics at Ludwig Maximilians University (2014) and received a MSc degree from McGill University (2016). His master’s thesis focused on the development of fiber-based open micro-cavity platforms for use in quantum photonics and optomechanics. In 2017, he joined QuTech as a PhD candidate, where he has since been working under the supervision of Ronald Hanson.

Maximilian’s research focuses on enhancing the optical interface of color centers in diamond by exploiting Purcell enhancement. His recent work has centered around embedding coherent color centers in open, tuneable cavities, and in all-diamond photonic crystal cavities. He is furthermore interested in generating entanglement between disparate quantum systems.

In his free time, Maximilian likes to make use of QuTech’s proximity to the North Sea by kitesurfing. He also enjoys producing his own cheese and beer - and keeps even busier working on the construction of his ever-multiplying equipment for these pursuits.